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do you ever daydream of dressing boys in better clothes

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Anonymous said quietly:
does coco shine?

Coco shines bright

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"I love the way John cracks up." -Rainn Wilson

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Make a wish and watch it manifest

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Ryan McCartan attends Heathers Prom.

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breakfast: 3pm
dinner: 11pm
more food: 1am
midnight snack: 4am
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going to barnes & noble always gets my blood pumpin and reminds me im alive

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Jackson 5 & Passion Pit
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While I was walking around the Forever 21 in Time Square, I heard this remix of Sleepyhead by Passion Pit and I Want You Back by Jackson 5. I automatically took a mental note to search it up once I get back in LA.

holy FUCK

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"MAC’s Russian Red—Heather Chandler’s signature color—is by far my favorite guilty-pleasure. It’s the last thing I apply before heading to the stage and it definitely gives me the snarky sass that makes this character oh-so-VERY fun to play." - Jessica Keenan Wynn

"I like to put in my headphones to get into the zone before a show. ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake is my favorite song, it’s so catchy and always gets me pumped. But the moment I put that wig on and step through the dramatic fog under a glorious arch of lunch trays, I am a Heather.” - Elle McLemore 

"I love the movie’s color scheme for the three Heathers, which our show stays true to, because they’re all so symbolic. I play Heather Duke and her color is green—the color of envy—so the green eye shadow definitely helps me get into character." - Alice Lee
"One of the things I love about stage makeup is I get to play up my eyes even more than usual. My insane mascara layering is my private homage to Winona Ryder’s amazing peepers." - Barrett Wilbert Weed (x)
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